Pregnant and in pain? Chiropractic treatment at a Chelmsford Chiropractor could be the answer

Carrying your newborn in your womb is an amazing experience. It is said to build very strong bonds between mother and child. There is no doubting it is a special time for any parent but of course it is also well known that being pregnant carries its sacrifices;

Morning sickness isn’t fun, the changes to your body aren’t necessarily a bad thing but they can be quite scary and you have to make dietary changes to your way of life.

Perhaps one of the biggest effects of being pregnant though, is the extra weight you are carrying around. While it is completely natural to gain weight during pregnancy and to be encouraged this doesn’t mean all the extra growth, fluids and baby itself cant cause a few problems. You will be carrying around a fair few extra kilograms for several months.

This is a significant difference and many pregnant women struggle with back pain. As a leading Chelmsford Chiropractor I treat patients regularly on this issue.

The chiropractic approach to pregnancy care

The aim of the chiropractic approach to pregnancy care is to offer whenever possible a natural pathway towards birth by recognising current and impending problems.

Leading pregnancy care at a leading Chelmsford Chiropractor

We are able to advise on natural delivery positioning, Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), and other common conditions associated with pregnancy and post gestation related to our area of knowledge.

My Cliffs chiropractic team advocates working in association with your midwife and our team of highly qualified chiropractors are always delighted to present talks to groups on our approach to Pregnancy and childbirth.

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