State-of-the-art technology at Natural Chiropractic Chelmsford


Our experienced chiropractor can refer you for both X-rays and Magnetic Resonance and Imaging (MRI) to diagnose your condition. X-rays may be recommended for example if you have had trauma or a longstanding condition that has failed to improve.

Strict guidelines govern the use of X-rays and our chiropractor will only recommend taken them if there is good reason to.



Our chiropractor is trained to both take and read radiographic images. If necessary, they are taken to complete a diagnosis and provide a valuable insight into your body.

They can help to:

  • rule out serious conditions
  • allow an accurate view of your spinal posture, view the current state of your spine and see degrees of osteo-arthritic change
  • give an insight to past injuries
  • exclude contra-indications to treatment and visualize fractures
  • determine the choice of treatment technique
  • monitor the health of your spine and effectiveness of treatment
  • assess other aspects of your general health



MRI is another visualising tool and service we offer. We can refer you to facilities in the local area or in London. These referrals can be within the week and you will receive negotiated rates. This includes options for ‘open’ and ‘standing’ MRI scans.