Thinking of dusting off the tennis racquet? Avoid injury with advice from a leading Chelmsford Chiropractor

It’s that time of year again. One of the biggest sporting events of every summer, Wimbledon is finally here. For a lot of us that means picking up a racquet and playing again. The level of skills won’t be the same as professionals but the enthusiasm will.

As great as it is a lot of you will be exercising I urge you as a leading Chelmsford chiropractor to take it easy a bit. Control your enthusiasm and look after yourself because if you don’t you might end up injuring and hurting yourself.

Common tennis injuries are;

  • Tennis elbow
  • Wrist strain
  • Back pain
  • Tendonitis of the shoulders and Knees

As a leading Chelmsford chiropractor I often advise my patients on sporting injuries. I often advise my clients to;

  • Warm up and stretch – It is one of the best things you can do to avoid sporting injuries. Make sure you ease your body in to exercise or you could risk pulling a muscle and suffering some a lot of aches.
  • Monitor and listen to your body – Your body lets you know how you are going. If you are feeling sore and pains in certain areas take a rest and monitor the situation.
  • Keep hydrated – We all know the importance of hydration to our survival but it is all too easy to forget when playing tennis. Make sure you take a few sips of water every time you have a break in play. Not only will it keep you healthy it will help your performance greatly.

If you feel like you need any further advice or a one-to-one session to help with any sporting injuries during Wimbledon and the rest of the then please find us at