What if I get Covid-19?

Covid-19 is not going away and we need to look after our health especially our immune systems to minimise the effects of this virus on our bodies.

Covid -19 is instilling fear in many still and while the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are susceptible to the virus, the right tools and strategies can help keep you safe from this illness.


Here are my top tips to ward off Covid in 2021:


1. Hygeine

 Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, and avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of  a respiratory infection.


2.   Vitamin D

 Vitamin D deficiency has emerged as a primary risk factor for severe COVID-19 infection and death. One study found your risk of developing a severe case of, and dying from, COVID-19 virtually disappears once your vitamin D level gets above 75 nmol/L.


3.  Take herbs to boost your immunity

 Plants have been the main remedies for people for years and can improve immunity and fight infection, helping us resist infection and disease.

Echinacea, elderberry, curcumin and Andrographis are some to increase  immunity, hot teas with elderflower, peppermint , thyme and yarrow are soothing and antiseptic.


4. Underlying conditions

 There is much talk about people dying with COVID-19 have underlying chronic conditions. After old age, obesity appears to be the most prominent risk factor for being hospitalized with COVID-19, doubling the risk of  hospitalisation in patients under the age of 60.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, these main risk factors, can   often be reversed via healthy diet and lifestyle. An anti- inflammatory diet will help ease many of the conditions associated with our current way of life.


5. Nutrients

 Nutrients play a huge role and the following are known for their immune-boosting properties and ability to ward against viral infections.

Supplements thought to be useful in the prevention of coronavirus infection include NAC, quercetin, beta-glucan, selenium, zinc, alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol, vitamin D, Bifidobacterium bifidum strain probiotics.


6. Math+ Protocol

The MATH+ protocol developed by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care       Working Group (FLCCC) treats the hyperinflammatory immune response of          COVID-19 that can result in organ failures.

For prevention, the FLCCC recommends:

  • Vitamin C
  • Quercetin
  • Zinc
  • Melatonin (not available in the UK)
  • Vitamin D3


7. Get Plenty of Rest

Research shows your gut microbiome are under circadian control, which          means disruptions in sleep can affect the health of your gut which can have        significant impact on your overall health. Making sure you have sufficient         dietary fibre intake will help feed your gut microbiome and protect your   health.


8. Keep exercising

 Exercise is at the  foundation of  all health strategies that will strengthen your immune function. According to recent research, exercising regularly may help prevent acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), a lethal complication and major cause of death among patients with COVID-19.


9. B Vitamins

B vitamins play important roles in immune system function. Taking them may help reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine levels and improve respiratory function.

B vitamins — B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12 — play important roles in cell functioning, energy metabolism and proper immune function, and can play important roles in minimizing your risk of cytokine storm.


10. Minimising Stress

Fear, anxiety, loneliness and financial uncertainty have come together to make the COVID-19 pandemic a stressful time for many.

Twice as many adults in Britain are reporting symptoms of depression now compared with this time last year:

To help ease anxiety here are my top tips;

  • Limit the news and be careful what you read
  • Have breaks from social media and switch off alerts
  • Talk to friends and family regularly- agree regular times with people- stay in contact with people who care about you
  • Go outside regularly – continue to access nature and sunlight
  • Stay hydrated, eat well, sleep well.
  • Exercise regularly – take brisk walks, run up the stairs, join in on-line


If you have underlying heath conditions and/or would like would like help improving your health and immunity give Melanie a call on 01245 382838 to see how she can help you.