Video Consultations

Virtual Consultations

True – we are known for our hands-on treatment, but there is actually a lot we can do for people over a video link.

In light of the current Coronavirus outbreak, there are  many people affected by musculoskeletal pain or disorders who are unable to attend an appointment in person.   Virtual Consultations have been extremely popular during lockdown. These web-based consultations give you the opportunity to speak with our Chiropractor without having to attend the clinic, ensuring you get the right advice and support you need to help you on the road to your recovery.


Why choose a Virtual Appointment?

“Well-designed telehealth schemes can improve health care access and outcomes, particularly for chronic disease treatment and for vulnerable groups. Not only do they reduce demands on crowded facilities, but they also create costsavings and make the health sector more resilient.” (WHO)

A virtual appointment can be great if you are in the shielding or vulnerable category or living with someone who is shielding. You may be unable to get to the clinic or travelling or just be keen to get the best advice you can to help alleviate your problem.

Virtual Consultation: What to Expect

In this consultation we take a full history of your problem and listen to how your pain affects your daily life. We  do a thorough examination by getting you to do tests we show you over  video, which will usually enable us to diagnose your problem. After this, we  talk you through the source of your pain and give you lots of advice on do’s and don’ts to help your current pain – and just as importantly; a plan to get you back to doing the things you want. We are able to create a personalised care plan that consists of various stretches, exercises and care guidance for you to follow at home. The exercises are provided in an app on video format so you can see how they should be performed.

Tailored exercises and the right self-help advice can often work wonders. A lot of the time, the reassurance of knowing what is actually going on – as well as the power of feeling that with professional advice and guidance, you can do something about it yourself – is really powerful and helpful for our patients.


Melanie is an experienced and highly qualified Chiropractor  who is fully trained to assess you and offer advice, self-help guidance and support to facilitate your recovery, following best evidence-based care recommendations as those used by all musculo-skeletal healthcare professionals.

Melanie can offer support and advice for people of all ages, affected by a range of conditions including:

‪- Headache and migraine prevention
‪- Joint pains
‪- Minor sports injuries
‪- Muscle spasm
‪- Low back pain
‪- Neck pain
‪- Sciatica
‪- Rotator cuff issues
‪- Shoulder complaints



The normal fee is £40 for an initial consultation and £25 for a follow up – or if you are an existing patient of our clinics. We are really pleased to report that most private health insurers are realising the value of this and happily reimburse their members for tele-health consultations.

To book- please call us on 01245 382838 or book on-line.

What’s App/text  0749 820 3589

Our phone is checked regularly please leave your name and number clearly after the message.