Initial Chiropractic Consultation

£70.00 Includes:

  • Initial Consultation 
  • A Physical, Neurological and Orthopaedic Examination
  • A Report of Findings with a full explanation of your condition and our findings
  • A Chiropractic treatment if clinically indicated and appropriate
  • A Spinal & Postural Assessment
  • Recommendations for X-ray if clinically indicated
  • Acupuncture included in treatment if clinically indicated and appropriate
  • A referral to a relevant specialist if we cannot help you

Subsequent Chiropractic Appointments

(over 13 years) £51.00 *
(under 13 years) £42.00 *

Pre-Paid Package for 6 Treatments £294.00
Pre-Paid Package for 12 Treatments £552.00


Remote Video Consultation

See Our Telehealth Page Here


  • Video appointment via Smartphone or Webcam
  • Case History
  • Virtual Examination
  • Assessment, Advice, Plan of Care
  • Rehabilitation, Including our Free Exercise App


Follow Up Video Appointments

£ 25.00

  • Video appointment via Smartphone or Webcam
  • Virtual Examination
  • Assessment, Advice, Plan of Care
  • Rehabilitation, Including our Free Exercise App


Returning Patient Consultation (over 6 months)


Reduced fees are available with advance payment plans

* Please note:
  • Acupuncture is included if necessary at no additional cost.
  • Reduced rates are available should treatments exceed twelve visits.


Functional Medicine & Medical Herbalism

Initial  Consultation:

£220.00 (Existing Chiropractic Patients: 25% reduction on fees)

  • 120 minute Functional Herbal Therapy consultation
  • In depth analysis of your past and current state of health, lifestyle, emotional wellbeing, habits, medication and supplements
  • Physical examination
  • Recommendations on clinical testing if needed
  • Personalised plan based on your health goals
  • Written individual programme
  • Dietary and nutritional hand-outs


Follow up consultations:


  • 60 minute consultation
  • Support and advice on personalised plan
  • Incorporates diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Physical examination
  • A supplement plan


  • 30 minute consultation
  • Support and advice on personalised plan


  • 15 minute video/phone consultation
  • Support call



3 appointments- 1 Initial Consultation 2 follow up appointments and 10% off supplements*


DNA Testing- Professional Genotype Analysis

All reports include DNA test kit (mouth swab) delivered to your home, pre-test 15 minute phone consultation to help choose reports and  individual analysis and personal  dietary and lifestyle recommendations following the results.

1 Report       £399 includes 30 minute consultation

2 Reports     £ 649 includes 45 minute consultation

3 Reports     £849 includes 60 minute consultation

4 Reports     £ 1099 includes 75 minute consultation

5 Reports.    £ 1189 includes 2 hour consultation.




Initial consultation: £65.00
Follow up appointments: £49.00



X-rays and MRI’s can be arranged with outside providers and are only available after a consultation.

Prices vary according to the number of x-rays required.

As a guide:
Prices start at £110.00 for X-Rays and £200.00  for MRI scans



FREE Therapy Advice

Natural Chiropractic  is a trusted name in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and causes of pain. However, if you are unsure if any of our therapies are for you, it is possible to book a brief consultation or ring and chat to Melanie who  can discuss your complaint with you and advise whether treatment could be beneficial. There is no fee or obligation for this service.



We have a variety of high quality and competitively priced products that range from nutritional and homeopathic supplements, to orthopaedic aids, and pillows. Most are available to patients and public.


Payment methods

Payment is accepted as cash and most debit & credit cards.


Health Insurance

Most health insurance schemes cover chiropractic care yet individual policies will vary. Please check with your insurer. Once you have received approval for treatment from your insurance company we usually liaise with them and can receive payment directly. Our Chiropractor is registered with all insurance companies including PPP & BUPA.

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