A Summer Of Sport Could Harm Your Back

back care advice from our chelmsford chiropractorYou don’t necessarily need to be a sports enthusiast to find yourself glued to the TV watching sports over the summer months. This summer is packed with all kinds of sporting events to keep us entertained. The football World cup kicks off in a few days on the 14th June and runs for a month, there’s Wimbledon, the Tour de France, the British Grand Prix, The Open, Women’s World Cup Hockey, Cricket with England playing India, the European Sports Championships, the list goes on.

Unfortunately you don’t need to be participating in the sport itself to pick up an injury! Many people are unaware of the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods of time especially in relations to the impact it has on their backs. Sitting incorrectly put almost twice as much pressure on the back than standing.

Sitting may just be one way of causing yourself a back problem watching sport. Another potential cause of injury for spectators is performing a sudden movement from a seated position such as jumping up when your team scores a goal or to admonish the ref for offering a penalty to the opposition!

If you are one of the many people set to be glued to their TVs watching sport this summer our chiropractor at Cliffs Chelmsford Chiropractic Clinic has put together some tips to keep your back safe.

Keep moving: Stand up and move around at least every 20 minutes which will allow you to move your body and change position.

Sit up straight: As has been said, sitting incorrectly puts a lot of strain on your back so mind your posture and don’t slouch or slump. To maintain a good seated posture make sure your back is fully against the back of the chair or sofa you are sitting on.

Stretch out: No we don’t mean on the sofa! Take time out to do some simple stretches when there’s a break in play say at half time.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water. No alcohol doesn’t count!

Avoid sudden movements: Enough said!

The best way to keep your back safe is to take moderate exercise and stay active so why not let all of the sport inspire you to get out there and get active. Take advice from your chiropractor or health care practitioner before starting any new form of exercise. They’ll be able to advise you what’s best for you.

Our chiropractor in Chelmsford is here to help and advise you. If you are suffering back pain then why not give is us a call on 01245 382 838 and let our chiropractor help you.