Summer Festival Fun – Don’t Let It Lead To Back Pain

back care advice from our chelmsford chiropractorThere may be no Glastonbury this year but rested assured there are plenty of other summer festivals to choose from. It seems we just can’t get enough of them. From music to food there seems to be a festival somewhere to celebrate it.

Here, in and around Chelmsford, there are a number of festivals being held this summer. These include the Chelmsford Summer Beer & Cider Festival in July, celebrating beer and cider, of course, and the Rize Festival in August bringing together a mix of music.

Whilst Festivals are an opportunity to have fun, unfortunately some of the things we inevitably end up doing can impact our backs, such as, standing for long periods, sitting on hard surfaces, carrying bags and possibly camping.

If you are attending a festival this summer, our chiropractor at Cliffs Chelmsford Chiropractic wants you to have the best possible time whilst keeping your back safe as well.

Follow these tips fro our chiropractor for a fun back safe time:

Mind Your Posture: There will be lots of standing around to do so please check your posture from time to time. If you find yourself slouching then readjust your position upright. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart will help support your back and hips.

Stay hydrated: Carry a water bottle and drink plenty of water. Remember if you are consuming alcohol that it will dehydrate you more.

Wear comfortable shoes and loose clothing: Sounds boring but you will thank us after walking and standing on your feet all say!

Use a rucksack: The best option for a carry bag is a rucksack. You need to wear it over both shoulders and adjust the straps appropriately so that it sits on your back – slinging it over one shoulder isn’t going to help your back! Make sure the weight is evenly distributed in the rucksack too. If you are using a carry bag which is heavy then it is best to split the load across two bags and carry one in each hand rather than carry one heavy bag.

Camping: If you are planning on camping then invest in a good quality camping mat and an inflatable pillow, your back and neck will thank you for it. Before pitching your tent, clear the ground to remove any rocks, stones or sticks – they won’t help your back one bit!

Following our chiropractor’s advice will help you keep your back festival safe!

If you are suffering back pain then our chiropractor at Cliff Chelmsford Chiropractic is here to help you. Why not give us a call on 01245 382838 and make an appointment today.