Helping to look after mothers this Mothers Day –Chelmsford Chiropractor Clinic shares these posture tips when looking after young children


At our Chelmsford Chiropractor we know just how hard Mothers work, especially when trying to juggle work and looking after young children.

Picking up children and even playing with them, can cause quite a strain to your back. A recent study found that 61% of parents suffer from back pain with over 40% saying that it prevents them from playing with their child.

With Mothers Day just around the corner, here at Chelmsford Chiropractor Clinic we would like to give the gift of some posture tips and advice to all you mothers out there.

  •  When carrying your baby try to hold them as close as possible, which helps your centre of gravity. Carriers or slings are a fantastic option
  • As your child gets older and grows, try to encourage them to do as much as possible for themselves, as picking up a heavy child can be very difficult
  • When buying pushchairs look at ones that have adjustable height settings so it can be moved to suit your own height. When pushing a pram you should be able to walk upright with your spine straight
  • If you are playing with your child, get down to the child’s level instead of bending over
  • Try to avoid long periods of kneeling as this puts a lot of pressure on the knees
  • When picking up toys try to remember to bend your knees. Observe your child as young children often use the natural squatting position to pick things up

We hope that these tips will help and that you have quality back pain free time with your children. Happy Mothers Day!

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