Get On Your Bike

back care advice from our chelmsford chiropractorBike Week kicks off on 9th June. It’s hard to believe it has been going for 95 years – yes it first took place in 1923! Cycling UK organises this annual event to promote cycling and encourage people to incorporate cycling into their daily lives.

Cycling provides many benefits including health, social and environmental ones. Cycling is a low impact activity that can:

  • give you a healthier heart and immune system
  •  help you manage your weight
  •  reduce stress, anxiety and improve mental health
  •  help you sleep better
  •  improve your fitness

Unfortunately our sedentary lifestyles are having  a negative impact on our back health. Our chiropractor at Cliffs  Chiropractic Chelmsford encourages everyone to get more active and take regular exercise. Keeping physical active is very important for maintaining the health of your spine. More than this, taking moderate exercise can be important for recovering from back pain.

It’s not uncommon for people to think that resting their back is the answer to their back pain, however, often this is not the case and taking moderate exercise helps more in the long run. You should consult with a chiropractor or health care professional who will be able to advise you what is right for you if you are suffering back pain.

We are fortunate that there are many cycle routes around the Chelmsford area. Simply searching for ‘cycle routes in Chelmsford’ on a search engine like Google will deliver a host of possible route ideas. You may want to check out the Essex Highways website which provides a wealth of information on cycling routes throughout Essex including ones around Chelmsford, Basildon, Maldon and Braintree.

Regardless of whether you are taking up cycling for leisure or commuting to work or taking it up on a more serious level, our Chelmsford chiropractor wants to make sure you keep your back safe. After all we want you to reap the health benefits of cycling and not end up injuring yourself!

  • The most common injuries cyclists sustain are often as a result of not setting their bike up appropriately before starting out. Some of the factors that contribute to back and neck pain include overstretching to reach the handlebars, incorrect seat adjustment and soft tyres. Make sure to take time to adjust the handle bars and seat before setting off.
  • Pump up the tyres to minimise the impact on your spine.
  • Wear suitable clothing that won’t restrict your movement. You may want to wear appropriate padded items – those cycle seats can get very uncomfortable after sometime in the saddle!
  • Warm up before starting off and allow time to cool down at the end of your ride. Remember that cycling is just like any other form of exercise so warming up and cooling down are important to prevent injuries and strains.
  • Don’t stay in the same position for long periods of time. Try and change your position which will change your posture.

Before starting any new form of exercise it is advisable to visit your chiropractor or healthcare professional.

Follow the tips for a back safe bike ride. Happy cycling.