Flying Away On Holiday? Take Care Of Your Back

back care advice from our chiroprator in chelmsfordWe’re well into the holiday season, a time when many people and families are heading to the airport to catch a flight to their holiday destinations. Holidays are a time to take a break from our everyday lives, for some it’s a time to chill out and take it easy and for others it’s a time to have an adventure! Whatever the goal of your holiday is, our chiropractor at Cliffs Chelmsford Chiropractic is certain that it’s not to end up with back pain.

Unfortunately over the years our experienced chiropractor has had to treat too many patients who have had their holiday dreams dashed as a result of suffering back pain. Sometimes their pain has been triggered by doing the simplest thing which could have been avoided.

If you are flying off on your summer holidays then our chiropractor has put together some advice to help keep your back safe when flying. To avoid the dreaded back pain on holiday and a visit to the chiropractor on your return home follow this timely advice.

Back care when flying starts well before you are on the plane.

Carrying and lifting heavy suitcases is so often the culprit of back pain. You want to ensure your case is as light as possible by choosing a lightweight case and packing lightly too. We’re all guilty of having packed too many clothes, shoes, books for our holiday at sometime (if not every time!).

Choosing a case that has wheels that allows you to push the case is a good idea. Avoid wheels that result in you having to pull the case behind you as this will cause you to have to twist your body which often leads to back problems.

If your airline allows you to take more than one case then consider using two lighter evenly balanced cases instead of one heavy case.

Make your case easy to identify, especially relevant for trying to find it on the carousel and prevent you from having to lift up cases to check if their yours.

When you arrive at the airport steer clear of using a luggage trolley if possible. They are notoriously difficult to manage and struggling with a laden trolley can result in your back being put out of shape.

When you get on the plane be mindful when lifting baggage into an overhead locker. Stand upright with your knees slightly bent when lifting a bag into the locker. Avoid twisting or bending backwards.

During the flight do some simple exercises in your seat to avoid stiffness. Foot circle, buttock clenches and shoulder shrugs are all good exercises to do.

If it’s convenient to do so get up out of your seat and walk about.

Flying is very dehydrating so drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol when flying as it will add to your dehydration.

When you disembark get moving as quickly as possible to prevent stiffness. Walking is the best way so avoid jumping on a travelator or, if you do, keep walking on it.

Our chiropractor wishes you a happy and safe holiday and please do take care of your back by following this advice.