Feeling helpless and overwhelmed by Coronavirus?

Coronavirus help, coronavirus stress

Coronavirus is a form of viral pneumonia and as with all infections the better we look after our health the more chance we will have of staving off severe consequences.

This is a very stressful time for us all and everyone is affected in some way, this stress lowers our immunity. Many of us have more time on our hands and it is a great opportunity to look after your body and mind. Never has it been more important to think about the cornerstones of good health – your physical, mental, and spiritual well- being.

Whilst it is an overwhelming and uncertain time there are plenty of small things we can all do everyday to try and minimise our risk of infection and maximise our ability to resist serious consequences.

Start introducing some of these on a daily basis and you will soon notice the benefits.

Here are my top tips:

1.  Find the Joy.
Spend some time every day doing something that brings you joy. Don’t feel guilty, don’t put it at the end of the to do list- make it a priority.

2. Exercise every day.
If you can, get fresh air in the garden but if not there is plenty you can do indoors with lots of on-line resources. I like https://centr.com/join-us which has a free trial at the time of writing. Exercise relieves stress and raises endorphins.

3. Prioritise sleep.
Don’t watch the news before bedtime, switch the TV off, read, listen to music, start meditating. Headspace is a popular app, Aura gives you a daily 3 minute meditation and Calm has sleep stories and sleep meditations for those who have difficulty getting to sleep.

4. Eat more fresh vegetables.
Sugar and carbs can create inflammation in the body and decrease your immunity, if you can, try to cut down on these foods or just eat more vegetables to feel the benefit.

5. Add herbs and spices liberally to your food – especially ginger, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, oregano and parsley.

6. Take a high quality multi vitamin/mineral supplement including zinc.
We do not get the nutrients we need in our diet, fresh fruit and vegetables do not have the quantities of vitamins and minerals they did 50 years ago and we do not eat enough of them. Therefore it is good multivitamin will help top up the missing nutrients.

7. Take vitamin D3- 3000iu /day.
Many of us have a deficiency of Vitamin D3 and supplementation is linked to a reduced risk of respiratory tract infections. Exposure to the sun for 10-15 minutes a day will give you a substantial dose of vitamin D.

8. Take vitamin C daily start at 1 gram.
Vitamin C foods, like citrus fruits and red peppers, improve the health of your immune system by providing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Some research shows that Intravenous vitamin C may help people recover from Coronavirus.

9. Take a probiotic daily.
These are good bacteria that help you boost the detoxification of your colon and support your immune system.

10. Keep your viral dosage down.
Follow the governments advice regarding social distancing and washing your hands. Don’t touch your face.

11. Make your own anti-viral oil for your hands.
Take 100mls of coconut oil and place the pot in a warm place so the oil melts. Stir in 10mls of 15% Lugol’s iodine to give you a 1.5% mix to smear over the infected area. (Don’t use if you have any thyroid problems and always test a small area first in case of allergic reaction).

Melanie Cutting