The Chiropractic Pop … what is it? A Chelmsford Chiropractor explains …

If you have experienced a chiropractic session you may very well have a heard a popping sound when being adjusted. This is a very common experience for chiropractic patients.

If you haven’t yet experienced a chiropractic treatment then as an experienced Chelmsford chiropractor let me put your mind at rest.

When the two surfaces of a joint are moved apart rapidly, as happens with some forms of adjustment, there is a change of pressure within the joint space. This may sometimes cause a bubble of gas to pop’ – but this sound is not significant and does not hurt. This phenomenon is called cavitation.

If you are in pain or suffering discomfort the chiropractic could be the answer you are looking for. As an experienced Chelmsford chiropractor I have helped many patients who are in pain and discomfort to lead a pain free life.

If you are considering chiropractic treatment with a Chelmsford chiropractor but have unanswered questions please call Chelmsford chiropractor and arrange to have your questions answered.