Can a Chiropractor Help with Sports Injuries? A leading Chelmsford Chiropractor thinks so

Playing sports and exercising regularly is a great way to spend your time. Not only will you stay fit or get fit but you will likely be socialising with friends. As a busy Chelmsford Chiropractor I always encourage a healthy lifestyle but I also have to look at the downsides. The main problem with sporting activities is sustaining a sporting injury.

Sporting injuries can cause people a lot of pain and issues in later life and it is therefore important we look after ourselves in this regard. There are a few things we can do to help us look after ourselves and the most important one is to reduce the chance of a sporting injury. As an expert Chelmsford chiropractor I believe by staying fit, stretching/warming up and knowing your limits we can avoid a lot of injuries.

Prevention is all well and good but sometimes there is no avoiding a sporting injury and treatment will be needed. Being a leading Chelmsford chiropractor I often get asked advice from patients in this area and as a chiropractor I can certainly offer advice and help you recover from your injury.

Broadly speaking, sports injuries can be classified as either traumatic or overuse type injuries. Traumatic injuries are usually caused in contact type sports such as football or rugby.

Overuse injuries are sustained as a result of repetitive actions being undertaken. This type of injury is common amongst runners, cyclists, people who do yoga, as well as those playing sports like golf, tennis or bowling

The treatment for any sporting injury will depend upon the degree of damage sustained by the patient and the type of injury sustained. We also take into account the patient’s age.

After a visit to my chiropractic clinic in Chelmsford we would assess you and start you on a recovery programme using our knowledge and expertise.

If you have any sporting injuries please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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