Bank Holiday getaway travelling advice to keep your back safe – Advice from a leading Chelmsford Chiropractor

Travelling back pain advice from Chelmsford Chiro

It is a big bank holiday weekend this week and it is a good one. August bank holiday weekend is one where all the kids have been off school for weeks and hopefully the weather is great. Many of you will decide to go visit family perhaps hundreds of miles across the country, a lot of you will decide to go camping or to go to the seaside. Whatever it is you are doing this weekend you are likely to be driving long distances

As part of my duties as a busy Chelmsford Chiropractor I often advise my patients on how to keep their back safe whilst travelling, especially with driving long distances.

How to keep your back safe

Keeping your back safe whilst driving does not only involve good posture, you can do a few other things to keep your back in good condition;

Avoid stiffness – You are likely to be stuck in your car for long periods of time this bank holiday weekend, this can mean being in the same position for long periods of time. You should avoid this by doing shoulder shrugs, buttock clenches and foot circles. Keeping loose and moving is important to avoiding back pain.

Take a break – Of course you have to balance the journey time against taking breaks but definitely do not avoid a break. You should be getting up for a walk ever 40 minutes or so but this can be unreasonably on a long journey. Instead when you do stop for petrol or food break please ensure you go for a brief and brisk walk and make sure you stretch a bit. Your body will need it.

Avoid sleeping awkwardly – If you plan on having a nap on your journey (only if you are not driving of course) then make sure you position yourself well. What I mean by this is not resting your head against the window and twisting your back. Invest in a good travel pillow and stay sat upright.

Compensate your lack of movement – Finally it is important to compensate for your prolonged lack of movement. When you arrive at your destination be sure to take a good walk and stretch off. A brisk 20 minute walk will do wonders to avoiding back pain.

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