Back pain making you feel old? Simple tips for a younger back from a Chelmsford Chiropractor


It has been found that back pain can make you feel much older than you actually are. As the saying goes “you are as old as your back feels”. Here at Chelmsford Chiropractor Clinic we will share some tips to anyone in their 40s & 50s for maintaining a “younger” back.

If you are suffering or have suffered back pain in the past you are aware of the affect it can have on your day-to-day life. Simple every day activities that we take for granted could suddenly take on a whole new degree of difficulty.

Over the years here at Chelmsford Chiropractor Clinic we have seen many patients who have suffered with back and neck pain and many of them have told us that they feel significantly older than their age, as a result of this.

Given the impact that back pain can have on a person’s life it may seem surprising that almost half of Britons currently suffer from back or neck pain with 24% claiming they have suffered for more than 10 years. Many back pain sufferers find that they are less active than they were 20 years ago.

However, it is not all bad news. There are a number of simple things you can do to help keep your back young at any age:

  • Our bodies, especially our muscles and joints, are designed to move. Keeping active with movement and exercise will improve circulation, posture and muscle tone. However, this exercise does not need to be strenuous, simple things such as going for a walk can really help.


  • Try a new sport; yoga and Pilates for example will give you gentle exercise that will keep you moving and flexible.


  • Currently suffering any back problems? Get them checked out and treated soon as soon as possible. For mild strains you will need to stay mobile with gentle activities. Use ice on the painful areas. If the pain persists see your doctor or visit a practitioner such as a chiropractor.


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